Josette Caruana

Associate Adviser

Josette was born in Malta and arrived in Australia 40 years ago. Josette came to Australia with an Arts degree anticipating she would be a teacher. She took a change in direction and embraced a new career in financial services.

Josette has completed her Diploma in Financial Planning concentrating on tax effective investments. She has worked with the Commonwealth Bank where she was a Senior Para planner, 4 years later she joined NAB FP as a Senior Planner, and has also spent some time in the real estate industry, joining Nexus Wealth in 2020. Josette’s ‘customer philosophy’ is all about her passion to treat each client uniquely and is always aware of being able to provide the right solution at the right time. She continues to focus on the niche area of retirement planning where she believes she can help best.

Josette has 3 adult sons, and is the very proud grandmother of 6 grandchildren. She confesses she loves her job and could be a workaholic, but her family keeps her balanced.

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